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Now that 2015 has rolled in, Clay is busy getting ready for the "Love and Sin" Tour of 2015.  The tour includes shows around the Southeast.  Clay has hopes and plans of making it out West by the end of the tour. 



Clay Page

Out of the Peach State is country singer/songwriter Clay Page.  Clay is a young artist dedicated to a country and southern rock flavor. Clay just started his own business (Clay Page Entertainment, LLC) and is learning his way around the music biz very quickly!  Clay has released two CD's "Out In the Woods" (Full Album) and "Homemade" (EP) since 2012 and released his newest single "Love and Sin" in 2015.  They all can be heard on 105.3 WSGC and 92.1 WLHR in Northeast GA.  They can also be found on iTunes, Spotify, and other internet streaming sites.  Clay has recently been pitching his music in Nashville, TN to various publishing companies in hopes of having one of his singles cut by a major commercial artist.  A few of his singles have been "kept" by publishing companies big and small. On the weekends Clay is busy performing shows. Starting at age 14 Clay was making noise around his hometown, but it has grown into a noise that can be heard around the entire Southeast.  Clay Page is one of the most hardest working unsigned artist that Georgia has to offer. Check out his “What’s Going On” section to see upcoming shows, as well as, keeping up with what is new with Clay and the band.  

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