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Out of the Peach State is country singer/songwriter Clay Page.  Clay is a young artist dedicated to a country and southern rock flavor. Clay just started his own business (Clay Page Entertainment, LLC) and is learning his way around the music biz very quickly!  Clay recently  released his debut album "Out In The Woods."  It can be listened to on iTunes, as well as, 94.9 FM The Bull out of Atlanta, Ga and 105.3 WSGC out of Elberton, Ga.  This guy is busy performing around the Southeast. Starting at age 14 Clay began performing in local venues and it soon grew into a steady flow of shows every Friday and Saturday night.  Check out his “What’s Going On” section to see upcoming shows, as well as, keeping up with what is new with Clay and the band.  

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Clay and the band will be heading out for Alabama July 31st! He is looking forward to spreading his music to a new crowd, as well as getting to meet a new bunch of people. If you live in the west GA, east AL  area, makes plans to come out.  Clay and the band will also be in Jasper, GA and Douglasville, GA on this run! Check out the "zon The Road 2014" tab for more information! 










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This Month's Shows:

July 3 - Catfish Johnnies 

July 5 - Private

July 9 - Greenville, SC

July 11 & 12 - Private

July 17 - Iva Summer Nights, SC

July 18 - Rack N Roll

July 25 - Cateechee 

July 26 - Cliffords

July 30 - Bone Island Grille