Clay Page


Clay Page is a creative artist, songwriter and producer from Northeast Georgia.  After playing music for close to a decade, Clay moved to Nashville, TN to further his writing and music.  Clay has 3 studio albums/EPs: "Out in the Woods," "Homemade," and "Replay" with numerous singles out as well. From 2014-2016 Clay not only composed his own lyrics and music but also engineered his songs from his bedroom. By age 20 Clay's talent to work ethic mixture had landed some accomplishments most dream of.From numerous television and radio appearances, to playing some of the South's most iconic events and venues. In 2018, Clay released his first Nashville CD, produced at Legend's Studio, by some of the best engineers and musicians.  The new EP is already making waves across the country. At just age 24, Clay Page is guaranteed to continue make his mark on the industry. 




2018 Singles from "Southbound" EP

by Clay Page

(available on all digital music players)

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